AcuGuard Corporation

AcuGuard Corp. is the exclusive importer and wholesale distributor of the Guest Scientific AG Swiss-made Dispette® ESR Systems and accessories in the United States. Our partnership allows us to offer a sophisticated IVD product range tailored to your needs together with a reliable and experienced technical backup service. Guest Scientific boasts over 40 years of manufacturing excellence with both ISO & UKAS certification, and collaborates with AcuGuard Corp on both standard and private label distribution contracts, while always insuring full compliance with FDA regulatory requirements.  

We are also a preferred wholesaler of ProTech Medical Radiation Safety Products. ProTech Medical  is an ISO Certified Florida-based manufacturer with over 30 years of industry experience, and specializes in offering customizable Radiation Safety aprons, accessories, prescription and plain leaded eyewear, mobile barriers and more. Featuring over 60+ prints, 4 core lead materials and endless finishing custom features, practitioners, hospitals and purchasing organizations can offer their clients tailor-made X-Ray safety solutions in style. Their vast product range and innovative collections make them a leading brand in the Radiology and Imaging centers of the Medical, Dental and Veterinarian industries. 

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