Calibration & Controls


The Guest Scientific Dispette 2 equipment is read directly and visually from a scale that is printed on the side of the Dispette 2 pipet. This scale is graduated precisely to the Standard originally specified by Westergren, therefore there is no need for further calibration.


It is recommended that laboratories instigate and record their own quality control system in accordance with ICSH or CLSI guidance and/or their own country’s regulatory requirements.

If this will prove difficult, or where no national guidance is provided, we suggest laboratories follow the practice that a number of our customers have successfully used; namely a product called Sedrite-Plus Hematology Controls. The pack comes with two bottles of level 1 (Normal), and two bottles of level 2 (High Abnormal) control and they are delivered once every 6 months.


Please note: The insert has a list of methods to choose from. To use this control for the Dispette 2 ESR system, it should be compared with the Westergren, saline diluted method on the product insert.

Sedrite-Plus Hematology Controls are supplied by:

R&D Systems, Inc
614 McKinley Place NE
Minneapolis, MN USA 55413

For details please go to:

There is a link labelled ‘Assay Sheet’ which leads to a copy of the insert leaflet and detailed instructions for use.