AcuGuard is a proud preferred wholesaler of ProTech Medical Radiation Safety Products and offers an extensive range of their PPE and X-Ray protection goods.

Choose from our ready to ship line of Aprons, Collars, Head Caps, etc., and also carries an extensive selection of Leaded Goggles, Lead Acrylic Face masks, Radiation Attenuation Surgical Gloves, Mobile Barriers, Table Drapes, etc.

All Items can also be fully customized with Protech’s extensive customization features: over 60 prints, 4 core material options, 15 binding thread colors, and an extensive possibility of customization such as logo or text embroidery. Standard Lead, Lightweight Lead, Lead-Free, Premiere Lead-Free and Bi-Layer core material options available. 


Featuring Light-weight materials, improved flexibility, and increased durability, ProGuard Aprons posses advanced polymer technology and are hand-crafted and inspected to ensure 100% satisfaction guarantee. To truly set our quality apart from the competition, ProGuard aprons include the premium features shown below.


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